Commercial Kitchens

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The theme hygiene at catering and hospitality venues are in the media spotlight as never before. Bacteria Tests show that, despite professional cleaning routines, keeping all kitchen / dining onsite surfaces free of microorganisms and biofilms at all times can be a challenging task.

Ozone dissolved in water is a powerful oxidizing and broad spectrum disinfectant that eliminates bacteria, biofilms and microorganisms 3000 times faster than chlorine, leaving no toxicity either in foodstuffs or in the environment.

We deliver BioSure; complete hygiene solutions that ensure bacteria-free surfaces of any commercial kitchen. Unlike other ozone-to-water products on the market (ozone level <1.0ppm), BioSure uses a newly developed, patented electrolysis technology that provides water supply with ozone levels of 2 - 8 ppm.

BioSure Kjøkken

With BioSure, surface disinfection is faster and easier than before, and the risk of cross-contamination of the work area is reduced.
BioSure systems also reduce the consumption of chemicals and the HACCP (Food Safety Authority:
and HMS in the kitchen is easier to maintain.

BioSure makes disinfection of surfaces and utensils a quick and chemical free process that does not require hot water.
 By using ozone as a disinfectant, also the wastewater is chemical and germ-free, since all microorganisms are eliminated.

BioSure CSS

BioSure CSS

Compact Sanitation System

BioSure CDS

BioSure CDS

Central Disinfection System