The waste compactors of shopping malls and apartment buildings often spread waste odor to storage areas, parking lots and surrounding communities.
The continuous degradation of organic waste leads to explosive bacterial growth, unpleasant trash odors and attracts pests and insects, especially in the summer.

We supply ozone generators from the ContainerMaid Series (IP65), designed specifically for odor removal and reliability in harsh and humid environments.
Mounting ContainerMaid on the outside of the compactor, connecting the connecting the generator to a power source, effectively removes all garbage odors.

ContainerMaid does not mask undesirable odors, but produces ozone gas, which is passed to the odor source through Teflon tubing destroying the bacteria and microorganisms causing the smell.

ContainerMaid is currently used by several of the major players in waste management in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany with good results.

Local workshop where we build and test each machine, together with ongoing dialogue with our customers, is your guarantee of a solid quality product.