Waste management

During the processing of organic waste at waste and recycling plants, gases will occur in the form of garbage odors. By adding ozone to air ducts, which these gases pass through before they are released into the atmosphere, undesirable odor compounds will be broken down while microorganisms perish. The result is odorless emissions without toxic wastes and hazardous chemicals.

ContainerMaid Series

ContainerMaid ozone generators produce and feed ozone gas to under ground garbage systems to effectively eliminate all odors.
The ozone gas forms a lid over the garbage in the container, breaks down odor compounds and prevents proliferation of garbage odors

A 100% green solution:
After the oxidation of odor, ozon reverts back to oxygen.

ContainerMaid is a Scandinavian Quality product at good value.

  • Water and dust resistant - IP65.
  • No refill - safe and reliable.
  • Easy to maintain.

Easy installation:
The gas is piped to the odor source through PTFE tubing (6mm teflon tube.)

ONY Series

ONY is a robust industrial generator with high ozone production coupled with low operating costs. A ONY generator handles larger, demanding odor challenges very efficiently. Ozone gas is supplied to duct systems via a hose, which provides great flexibility and easy installation. The generator is fully automatic with the possibility of remote control.