Commercial kitchens

Luktfjerning Storkjøkken

In kitchens and restaurants unwanted odors and fat deposits associated with cooking might build up. Exhaust Ducts leads food odors out into the neighborhood, and in urban areas it may be necessary to limit odor emissions, out of consideration for neighbors and surrounding businesses.

Luktfjerning Storkjøkken

Adding ozone gas to the exhaust ducts reduces both odor and fat significantly. The ozone breaks down the undesirable odor compounds, while microorganisms perish. The result is odorless emissions without toxic wastes and hazardous chemicals.

ONY is a robust, Scandinavian industrial generator with high ozone production coupled with low operating costs. Ozone gas is supplied to the duct systems via a hose, which provides great flexibility and easy installation.

Cleaning and operating costs can be reduced by as much as 60% (Ventilation & Sotningstjänst Nordic AB) when an ozone generator is installed in the ventilation duct, and the ventilator retains its intended capacity. Furthermore, it is possible to use flue gases in a heat exchange system.

The generator has fully automatic operation with possibility of remote control