Luktfjerning bil

Boats in winter storage often develop undesirable odors in the cabin, which is difficult to get rid of. Venting and detergents often have limited impact, as the smell often seems to have “stuck” in carpets, seats and upholstered surfaces.

An efficient ozone generator removes unpleasant odors deriving from food, smoke, pets, urine, humidity etc., even in cabins and cargo with porous surfaces. The ozone, which is generated by air and electric power, also combats fungus, mold and decay in a gentle and environmentally friendly way.

Ozone gas masks not undesirable odors, but oxidizes the bacteria and microorganisms that cause the smell, for example, in brackish water. In addition to removing all odors, ozone generators simplifies the cleaning of cargo in maritime vessels that require disinfection between shipping of various commodities and equipment.

We supply ozone generators of Norwegian and Scandinavian quality, designed specifically of odor removal in cargo and cabins.

Our ozone generators have a short delivery time and service available from our warehouse and workshop in Asker. Our expertise and ongoing dialogue with our customers, is your guarantee of a solid quality product.