Homes, cabins, rental units or hotel rooms without a clean and fresh feeling, are unpleasant to reside in and difficult to sell. Control of malodors can be a challenge in many facilities as well, including fitness centers, restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes, and detergents and deodorizing agents often have little or no effect.

An efficient ozone generator removes all odors deriving from food, paint, smoke, animals and other organic material, even in rooms with porous surfaces. The ozone, which is generated by air and electric power and spread throughout the room trough the generator fan, also combats fungus, mold and decay in a gentle and environmentally friendly manner, and is an invaluable aid during restoration work.
Ozone gas does not mask undesirable odors, but oxidizes the bacteria and microorganisms that cause the smell for a lasting, odorless result.

We supply ozone generators of Norwegian and Scandinavian quality, designed specifically for odor removal in cabins and housing. Our bestseller Room Made is great for odor removal in confined space and invaluable to professional cleaners who occasionally encounter challenging odor problems.

Our ozone generators have a short delivery time and service available from our warehouse and workshop in Asker. Our expertise and ongoing dialogue with our customers, is your guarantee of a solid quality product.