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ONY Series

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Complete integrated ozone generators for industrial use, based on the latest technology in ozone production. ONY generators have robust construction, high capacity and low operating costs.

Available in 3 sizes:
  • ONY 10 – Ozone production 10 grams per hour
  • ONY 20 – Ozone production 20 grams per hour
  • ONY 80 – Ozone production 80 grams per hour

ONY 10 and 20 comes with integrated oxygen generator. Air/oxygen is supplied to ONY 80 from external / separate compressor or compressed air is available on site, with the possibility of remote control via DUC or PLC.
Ozone is supplied to ventilation or duct systems via a hose, which provides great flexibility and simplifies installation considerably.

The ONY series can be used where there is a need of high ozone concentrations and where a compact solution as regards size is preferable. Typical applications include industrial or commercial kitchen with ventilation systems – to reduce odors and grease, in residential building – for purification of air in the ventilation system, in food industry – for the removal of bacteria, the purification of water basins and larger aquariums, as well as on ships – for eliminating odors from so-called gray and black water tanks.
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