BioSure SDS – Stationary Disinfection System

  • Reduce chemical sanitation cost
  • Ozone disinfects more powerfully then most chemical disinfectants
  • Micro-organisms cannot build up an ozone tolerance
  • Ozone used properly will not endanger the environment
  • High environmental profile as ozone leaves no chemicals or residual by-products to spoil product quality
  • Ozone is not harmful to the environment unlike chlorine
  • Ozone is safer than chlorine or sulphur dioxide
  • Ozone is generated «on-site» and does not have to be purchased, transported or stored



BioSure brosjyre: MDS / SDS Chemical free disinfection for food processing industry
BioSure: Campden-BRI Laboratory test (UK)
BioSure: SGS-sterilization report
BioSure handbook for Professional Kitchen Operators & Consultants